3D Face Shield for Frontliners (PPE)

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About the initiative
Titan is on a special mission to help the people who need help most in this period; we are printing custom face shields for our local hospitals (
by a Swedish open-source initiative #3DVFaceShield). We are now also printing in Europe with our partners and are assembling 2500+ face shields a week and are happy to expand when needed. 

Titan Europe - Ronald Meeuwissen
ComBat Airsoft / Trauma Clean - Maikel Lindsen
AirsoftCenter.nl - Ricardo Mulder
IAI Industrial Systems - David Meuken
Joachim Dekkers
Alex Maasdam
Lucas van Beers
Planet Airsoft - Sam van Hoof

Sponsor Progresso Technology BV


UPDATE 6/4/2020
Due to popular demand; this week we will also start printing the 
#3DVFaceShield in our warehouse in The Netherlands. When interested, please contact ronald@gettitanpower.com!

WANTED! 3D-Printing capacity!
The response is overwhelming and interest is high. We need more 3D-printers to boost our capacity. Please share this message! When you have your own printer, please get in touch! As we speak the first Face Shield is printed in The Netherlands. 

UPDATE 7/4/2020
First units are ready and will be locally tested today at the Corona Triage Team in Tilburg. Thanks iai.nl for your quick response and partnership! 

Titan Face Shield samples

UPDATE 8/4/2020
Triage Team Tilburg is happy to use our Face Shields, at first we will supply them with 30 pieces. We also send 3 samples to JBZ, to test in practice. More hospitals are welcomed, even as enthousiast 3D printers!

UPDATE 9/4/2020
It's amazing how fast we go, we try to scale up asap. Because there is soooooo much demand in Holland alone. We never expected this and are happy to help! We are in talks to many partners. With our team of volunteers we try to further scale our production. Soon more!

UPDATE 10/4/2020
We reached out to the Dutch LCH to distribute our Face Shields, however no interest is shown. Additional we soon might be able to really boost our production, we are now at approx 750 items a week!

Currently we are in need of funds for our raw materials, any help in this area would be greatly welcomed! Partnerships, bulk discounts, donations, sponsorships anything basically. Please get in touch when able to support!

Donations can be send to our seperate account: NL94BUNQ2042978132 (Bunq) or payments@titanpower.eu (Paypal)


UPDATE 14/4/2020
The first 1000 3D Frames are made, large quantities have already been supplied to Diagnovum, Triage Team Tilburg and Hospitals Rivierenland. Donations are still very welcome to cover costs of raw materials. Check below some impressions of our team!

UPDATE 30/4/2020
We are in full production now and ship daily orders to frontliners that need it the most. Our 3D-print pool has grown to over 30 active printers in NL. Thanks to donations we are able to print another 100kg PLA into Face Shields. Thanks all for your support!


Titan COVID-19 3D Team NL